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  • Welcome to Bobbin Design

    Bobbin Design is a UAE based company where we cater to a wide range of organizations, MNC’s to Local businesses, and Events.

    Bobbin Design was established in 1993. The organization started as a garment firm which caters to events, wholesalers for clothing, apparel, gift items, etc. Bobbin Design has 1000+ Clients and has sustained itself in the market for 19 years.

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    What We Offer

    Bobbin Design provides printing, embroidery on gift items and clothing, across the United Arab Emirates. The aim of the organization is to meet the deadlines of the customers.

    Major Products

    Uniforms for Autodrome. Dubai World Cup: Official Merchandiser in 2001. Uniforms for the stables. Uniforms for Companies: Private Jets Staff. Fujairah international marine club. Dubai International Film Festival. Dubai Police. Eppco
  • Our Services

    We at Bobbin Design have a large range of standard items; we also design and manufacture many of the products, T-Shirts, polo shirts, sportswear as well as a full range of woven and knitted items. We offer manufacturing of commodities, to packaging services.

    The first part is "Digitizing" this is when your logo is turned into stitches by physically tracing your logo and creating the various types of stitches on a computer programme to recreate your design. Once the design has been digitized a disk is made which controls the embroidery machines, to deliver you a high quality product.

    We offer direct printing and direct die cutting both provide excellent replica of your art work. Direct printing is printed directly on to the transfer paper which we then apply to the garment, this process is best suited to light coloured garments as there is a light boarder left around the art work. This border is eliminated in the die cut transfer, as the design is dying cut and then transferred onto the garment.

    Corporate Gift Items
    Bobbin Design and our associate companies we can offer a larger number of customized items for our clients. Through our association with a number of specialist suppliers we can offer a one stop service for all your promotional needs.
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      Cap Model.

      Sample Model.

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      Cap Model

      Sample design.

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      T-shirt Model

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      Jacket Model.

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      Workshop cloth Design.

  • Clients

    Dubai Autodrome

    We make Uniforms

    It is one of the major companies.


    It is one of the major companies.

    It is one of the major companies.

    Dubai International Film Festival

    It is one of the major companies.

    It is one of the major companies.

    Government of Dubai

    It is one of the major companies.

    It is one of the major companies.

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    Managing Director
    Ms. Claude Safarian
    Telephone: 00971-4-2861804;
    Fax: 00971-4-2861803;
    General Manager
    Mr. Balram Yadav
    Telephone: 00971-4-2861804;
    Fax: 00971-4-2861803;
    Mobile: 0097150 - 5519414;